Feeding Your Autistic Child


Have you heard that food can affect your child’s mood?

Are you wanting to change your child’s diet but not sure how?

Do you feel lost, unsupported and overwhelmed?

Do you wish there was someone to walk you through, step-by-step?


Introduction Course Available Now

This introductory course, Feeding Your Autistic Child: Let the Healing Begin,  includes:

Pantry Clean-out Guide

Downloadable Recipes

Happy Mealtime Tips

Progress Tracking Charts

Only $99, including a lifetime access to the information in this course!


Detoxing Course Available Now

This second course, Go Clean: Detoxing Your Body, Home and Lifestyle, includes:

9 Explanatory Videos

Detoxing Basics

Detoxifying Your Home Guides

Downloadable Detoxing Guides

Just $139, including a lifetime access to the information in this course!


We want to support you!

We both have been working with families in the autistic community for years, and now we want to share our knowledge with you! These online courses will provide you with resources, support and recipes so you can be successful in changing your child’s diet. Real food provides real healing!

Meet the Creators

Head over to the Meet Us page to meet Amy and Monica, the masterminds behind the Feeding Your Autistic Child online courses. Find out why they are so passionate about food, and the amazing results they have seen while using food for healing!

Details of the Series

The full Feeding Your Autistic Child will be a 5-part series, all coming to you by the end of this year! It is designed to support you through achievable steps that will introduce healing foods into your home, remove unnecessary toxins, and teach you to be a savvy shopper. Check out the Online Courses page for more details about the courses in this series.


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